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1 In Every 25 Hospital Patients Will Acquire An Infection

After a standard gall bladder removal surgery, Alicia Sheerin, 45, developed necrosis at the site of the incision from the procedure. This low-grade infection increased Alicia’s hospital time from less than a week to almost a full month. Once Alicia was released from the hospital to return home, she had to hire a home health care nurse due to the extra recovery time after the abdominal surgery. A few days after returning home, Alicia had to go back to the hospital again for more complications with the incision. This time, she had emergency surgery to remove the dead and damaged tissue and was put under quarantine just in case the infection was contagious. Alicia spent another 3 weeks in the hospital before she was released again with yet another round of anti-biotics. The third hospital visit Alicia had was for an abdominal reconstructive surgery a little over a year later in which she acquired another less-serious infection.

According to the CDC, about one in every twenty five hospital patients will acquire an infection during their stay and about 20% of those are thought to be from surgical incisions. According to Alicia’s doctors, because she had such a severe infection that required multiple rounds of heavy anti-biotics, her immune system may not be able to fight off such infections in the future. Alicia’s advice to all is to not only look up hospital infection rates online before you choose where to go, but also to work on your own personal health prior to going under the knife. Hopefully, this will help to decrease recovery time from surgery as well as decrease the chances of infection.

There is a multitude of stories very similar to Alicia’s story. With the infection rate so high in hospitals many patients are choosing to go to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. These are standalone surgery center that are outside of the hospitals themselves. Infection rates at facilities such as these is tremendously lower and the service and experience that can be provided is leaps and bounds above most hospital systems.

AllianceMed works Primarily with, and fully supports the ASC community. We work to help make these facilities profitable while at the same time we allow the surgeons to give the best experience to the patient.