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How Do You Wear Your Scrubs?

The medical field is not like it used to be. And neither is medical wear.

A recent Medline University poll of 1,400 healthcare workers from hospitals, nursing homes and other patient care settings found that nearly 60 percent have some choice in the scrubs they wear to work. Respondents also stated the most important features of scrubs are comfort, fit, style and price, followed by durability and pockets.

Having this freedom of choice was not always the case. Looking back at the evolution of the nursing uniform, as recently as the 1960’s it often included crisp, white dresses and stockings, even belts and cuffed sleeves.

But the modern nurse needs to be ready at a moment’s notice. He or she is on the go all the time—inside or outside the healthcare setting. On the job, they could be juggling all sorts of tasks from physically strenuous, to emotionally delicate. One minute, they’re lifting a patient. The next minute cradling a sick infant in their arms. And they may end their shift in a board room presenting ideas on a new practice.

More than ever, they’re seeking scrubs that are not only functional, but look and feel great all day long. Their scrubs need to be as versatile as they are. Fortunately, as the freedom to choose one’s own scrubs has grown, so has the selection of fabrics, colors and styles. It’s no wonder that a nurses’ scrubs today are the most comfortable and functional type of uniform in the history of the profession.[1]

From our survey, however, we know nurses want and need more out of their scrubs.

In your busy, fast-paced world, how do you wear your scrubs today and why? Comment below and pass this post on to your fellow nurses who can relate.

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